ul. Statybininkų 5, 03200 Wilno
tel. +370 5 213 05 18
e-mail rastine@konarskio.vilnius.lm.lt

Project Title: Stop Dropout, Stop Tear Drops!



Call 2018 Round 1 KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices 

KA229 - School Exchange Partnerships 
Main objective of the project: Exchange of Good Practices
Project Start Date 01-10-2018 
Project Total Duration 24 months 
Project End Date 30-09-2020 (Due to the pandemic, the project implementation time is extended)
Participating Organisations:
Mevlana Technical and Vocational Anatolian High School
Turkey, İstanbul
Srednja strukovna skola 
Croatia, Varaždin 
Vilniaus Simono Konarskio mokykla
Vilnius, Lithuania 
Budapesti Gazdasági SZC Harsányi János Szakgimnáziuma és Szakközépiskolája
Hungary, Budapest 
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