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Absenteeism and early school leaving are the most important and multi-faced problem at schools. It is a result of personal, social, economic, educational or family related reasons. Every year average absenteeism rate is %25; which means 8 students in each class which has 40 students.When we look at the last 5 year’s dropout average rate, we see %4. After analysing the class basis, we have realised that 9th grade has the most dropout rate. Turkey is the first at dropout list in Europe. While the ratio is %11 in European countries, this ratio increases %38 in Turkey. Besides this,according to the EU Commission report Turkey has not got any efficient strategic plan on dropout.We have read many articles some of which focus on facts and reasons; some of them are about how to struggle with dropout. According to EU 2020 Targets,we need to decrease dropout rate from %15 to %10. Our main objectives are to increase students’ devotion to school taking into consideration individual differences, to reduce dropout rate from %15 to %10, to increase foreign language awareness and emphasize the importance of knowing a foreign language,to emphasize importance of multilingualism,to increase teachers’ awareness about how serious the problem of dropout is, and to show them they have an important role to prevent students from dropping out,to increase parents’ awareness about negative effect of dropout to the community and how important role they have for preventing dropout, to contribute to the institutional improvement by sharing good practices. By analysing the problem and improving education atmosphere in term of social activities, studentteacher, students-school, student-society, student-parent, parent-school relations, we will try to reach our aims. We are 4 partners from Croatia, Lithuania, Hungary and the coordinator Turkey. We developed the project plan and verify that the aims of the key elements are clearly defined and lined up. For sound management of the project we found teams and do task distribution.Project activities will include the exchange of the information, sharing and analysing best practise models;comparing them and adapting them to each partner’s own activities and environment. Our project activities are aimed to reduce ESL by using ITC in the classrooms. We will have 3 mobilities;first one staff joined training event will be in Turkey named ICT in Education, second one short term exchanges of groups of pupils in Croatia named “Let’s overcome together”, third one short term exchanges of groups of pupils in Hungary named “Friendship Wall”. At the end of the mobilities, each participant will have Certificate of Attendance. The students will spend enjoyable and effective time with their peers from different cultures. They will be motivated for the new projects, they will overcome prejudice and get self confidence, broaden their horizon. Our target groups in this project are students under risk of dropout,students with fewer opportunities, teachers, teachers in our local schools, parents and the people as many as we can reach by using web sites, social media, guide book and brochures. To assess the success of the project we will use observations, checklists and surveys for students, teachers and families. We will use surveys after the activities to measure the change towards students’ attitude of the school climate. We will consider the feedback from the teachers after using e-learning platforms about students’ participation to the lesson and interest. We will compare the positive effect of using ICT during the classes and traditional methods.We will prepare a guide book with 8 chapters with the contribution of each partner named “You are valuable” about the reasonssolutions of dropout and good practises.Dissemination is one of the most important part of our project we will follow a good strategy, a good timetable and the enough budget for dissemination.We will disseminate the project to all related people, organisations who has a role in students’ educational and social life with posters, brochures, social media, guide book, photos, videos, seminars. We will start the changes at our schools then local area, national area and improve the changes at International and European level with the help of our partners. So, we plan to reach the desired impact by creating waves. Thanks to this project, we want to minimise absenteeism level to make our students join school life actively and love school, increase institution capacity and quality with teachers using innovative and modern approaches. Every single individual is valuable; no dropout, no tear drops!

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