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Project Summary



The main goal of this project is to create such a strategic partnership that will improve the quality and relevance of general education and to reduce the differences in educational achievements of students of partner institutions over a period of 24 months and to raise awareness and dissemination of the idea of science with elements of programming and robotics from an early age in primary schools over a period of 24 months. In the context of the project's objectives, we have considered the most important priority together with the Partners "Open and innovative practices in the digital era". In our project, we plan to work out results of intellectual work based on information and communication technologies and methods of experiment aimed at developing scenarios of additional classes in European primary schools using elements of robotics and programming. The results generated are to be used in teaching based on information and communication technologies and methods of experiment. The project implementation is to answer the need to learn, define and apply remedial actions in the area of developing creativity, curiosity of partner school pupils in cooperation with two business entities that have a chance to develop staff in their research areas outside the project. The development of creativity, curiosity is to serve as an effective motivator and aroused passion, improve the educational performance of students, which in turn will improve the quality of functioning of both educational institutions and improve the quality of education. Thanks to the project, the partners will have the ability to independently create the future, they will develop through their own experience, skills and attitudes. Thanks to international cooperation and a partnership of schools, research center and businesses it will be possible to carry out tasks and responsibilities for the joint implementation of the project, tailored to their capabilities and best reflecting their character and development needs within the partner organizations themselves.

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