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Projecr title: InnoExperiment-Innovative Approach to Teaching through Experiment


 Tytuł projektu: InnoExperiment-Innovative Approach to Teaching through Experiment


KA2 SE  Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships

Project Start Date 01-11-2018 
Project Total Duration 24 months 
Project End Date 31-10-2020 (Due to the pandemic, the project implementation time is extended)
The main objective of the project is:
- increase of attractiveness and quality of general education and reduction of differences in educational attainment of students of partner institutions in the period of 24 months,
- raising awareness and spreading the idea of science with elements of programming, robotics from early childhood in primary schools over a period of 24 months.
Detail objectives:
- equalization of educational disparities and improvement of knowledge of partner school pupils and staff of partner institutions through participation in pilot study program through experiment,
- support for teaching based on information and communication technologies, programming, robotics and experiment methods,
- developing new approaches to improve the competence of already practicing pedagogists and equip them with all the competences and skills needed to provide high quality services,
- increasing access to and promotion of open learning resources in Europe.
Participating Organisations:
Primary school from Goniądz
Goniądz, Poland
Vilniaus Simono Konarskio mokykla
Vilnius, Lithuania
Research Center from Ibi
Ibi, Spain
Foundation from Bialystok
Biłystok, Poland
Medias about project "InnoExperiment-Innovative Approach to Teaching through Experiment"
ZW.lt 14 marca 2019
Zespół Szkolno – Przedszkolny w Goniądzu
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